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We have a lot to say!

It was always in our mind for the last few months, but it took a while to begin a formal blog. Finalising on the topic/domain we can contribute to was another hurdle where the team went into rounds of deliberations.

We are a design company with a multidisciplinary approach. We are committed to adding a unique value to your business from conception to execution. We design things, strategise, solve problems, innovate and develop systems. As a design consultant to many brands for the last few years with experience of working in developed & developing markets, and collaborating with large multi-cultural teams across cultures, we chose to express our opinions in this very domain.

You may ask when almost every design consultancy worldwide has quality blogs, then why one more? Yes, there are many blogs around, but not a single one precisely speaks about how design as a discipline would benefit or enhance our quality of life in the current time. Unfortunately, their contribution remains limited to a few pro-bono.

Here is our attempt to deep dive and recognise the key challenges & opportunities and try to decode what, how & why with some strategies keeping every one of us at the centre beyond its conventional methodologies and designer’s mindset.

This weekly blog is our take, feelings, opinion & insights on but not limited to design, business, politics, history, science & technology across diverse environments & culture from a designer’s viewpoint, and an alternate perspective.

We intend to keep this a uniquely collaborative platform with all of you contributing with your remarks & reviews for envisioning a more human-centred world.


Have a great day ahead, and we see you on Friday.

Team ALT

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